360ml White Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

D1466-1 D1466-2


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  • Seven Colorful changing LED lamp,accompany with favorite color selection ,romantic ,warm and sweet ,fashionable and cute to for your home and office
  • Two models of mist volume adjustment : HIGH/LOW
  • Four kind of mist timing setting: Continuously ON /30/60/90 minutes
  • Nonslip mat, keep away the water and dust pollution
  • Moisturizes& Aromatherapy,moist the hot and dry air in room,kill bacteria ,refresh the quality of air we breathe


Dimensions : Approx 168*148 MM
Color: White
Weight (excluding adapter): Approx 550g
Power: Input/Output AC 100-240V 50-60HZ/ DC 24V 650MA
Length of cord : Approx 170CM
Electric consumption: Approx 13W
Time Mode: 60/120/180/ON minutes
Tank Capacity: 360ML
LED light : 12Bulbs
Materials: Upper parts PP, lower base ABS
Accessories: AC Adapter and measuring jug
Method of mist production: Ultrasonic vibration at approx 2.4MHz


It will get you gradually relaxed, and your skin to be moisturized at the same time
It is designed special and suit for a gift
If you do not use it for a long time , please drain out the water from water tank, dry and then keep it well .
It is convenient and safe to operate .
If there is no water in the tank , pressing the MIST will cause the unit to “Beep” 3 times to remind you to add water. The unit will not work without water .
Only 100% natural essential oil can be used in this product.
Those containing-chemical fragrance, spice or impurities will cause malfunction. Use 3-5 drops per 100ML water a time.


Please do not fill over 360ML”MAX” at any time or touch any part of the product with wet hands
It’s better not switch on power when the tank is empty.
Please do not touch the Ultrasonic vibration plate.
It’s better not last for more than 8 hours any time. Wait 60 minutes before restart to avoid damage to Ultrasonic plate

Package included

1*LED Aroma Diffuser
1*AC Adapter
1*Measuring Cup
1*User Manual
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