White LED White Skin Wooden Clock

D1180-1 D1180-2


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  • 12/24-hour mode display, Perpetual calendar, C/F Thermometer, Alarm function
  • It also can work by voice when you clap your hands, or make some equivalent noise. Sound control switch regulate freedom.
  • This clock is made of imitation wood, not real wood.
  • SIZE: 27*8.5*13cm, Weight: 607g
  • SIZE: 27*8.5*13cm, Weight: 607g

Life can be simple but not simple.

Brand: EiioX
Color: White
1.Far away from the radiation, living a low carbon life, bring to the nature in the home
2.Three sets of alarm clocks, date, temperature and voice-activated sensors, a display time can be
fixed in a permanent mode
3.Brightness in half from 6pm to 7am automatically, good for eyes
4.Built-in button cell battery: keep time device working once DC power off
5.Creative LED wooden clock, give a concept of time for the kids
Package contains:
1-Digital Clock
1-User Manual
2-Spare AG3 Batteries
1-DC adapter

1, This product is made from wood. Please keep in a dry environment.
2, Please use high alkaline AA batteries for this product.
3, If there is no display or displays ‘error’, please press RESET to return back to the factory
setting and then re-set the time.
4, When the LED display light becomes less visible or flashes continuously, this means you must
replace the batteries soon.
Disclaimer:This clock is made of imitation wood,not real wood.
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